Mandi from Florida sent us these awesome photos of her puppy and her parent's Golden and German Shepherd.


"We've been using your product since 2008 and have never found something that makes their coats more fluffy and beautiful, or keeps them clean and smelling great for a long time!"


Thanks Mandi - we appreciate your business and thank you for the photos of your gorgeous golden retrievers.

JULY 2015

Hello! Ruby,Farrah,and Chloe are about as spoiled as they come. Ruby is 7 years old, and Farrah and Chloe are both 6 years old. They do everything together! They love posing for pictures,going for walks,but they are true lap dogs at heart. They are just the sweetest little souls you would ever meet,and will capture your heart quick!

Thanks to The Natural Groomer for having the absolute best products for them. Wouldn't want to use anything else but the best for them, and that is what The Natural Groomer is, the best.

MAY 2015

Nigel the Labradoodle, passed away just before this was written - however, we would like to still feature him in memory of what a sweetheart he was, and we offer our condolences to Tammy and her family.

He was given to Tammy by a friend that raised labs and standardized poodles, he was a breeding that wasn't meant to happen. Tammy remembers from day one he was an awesome dog and loyal to a fault. Never had to wear a leash or be fenced in, he would not stray for anything, love kids and people of all kinds, young and old...



Congratulations Mischief - our winner of the dog contest!


Mischief is a rescue dog and is known around her home as the best 'nana' dog ever. Her owner Jessie says, "She is our toddlers best friend and guardian, and we don't know what life would be like without her....I just know there would be less mess!"


Congratulations Sniper - our winner of the dog contest!


Sniper is a 5 year old German Sheppard that we rescued close to 6 months ago. The two before photos show what type of condition she was found in, she lived in the back yard of her former owner for several years before the owner decided it would be best for the dog to go to a new family. Through the powers of FaceBook, she found me. Thankfully, my husband agreed that she HAD to come home with us. We quickly learned that her hips were in bad shape and she was in need of some medical care, which made us glad we found her to give her the care she needed.


Luckily, I work as a bather at an Animal Hospital and was introduced to your products through my co-worker and best friend. After her first bath there was a huge improvement of the coat condition (photo 1) and it keeps improving (as seen in the Christmas picture). I use High-yield and Vita Silk on her.


She has gone from a back yard dog, to a well loved and cared for family dog, and has inspired me to go back into pet photography. She has a little sister named "Ladybug" who is a Shitzu mix, who has also benefited from your products (allergy dog).


Sniper and the rest of her family are about to "set sail" on a new adventure to Alaska!


Thank you very much for your wonderful products!

Krista, Sniper, and Ladybug Kelley


Congratulations Bolt - our winner of the dog contest!


His name is Bolt, he is a full pit, his dad is blue gray color and his mom is blonde. His birthday is June 30, 2012. He loves to play and he likes to go to Elephant Butte Lake. He is very well behaved and likes to sit in the sun every morning with his brother Kobe, who is lab and pit.


Maggie and Lil Bit, her "brother"

Maggie and her daddy

Right: Maggie and her Bun Bun

Congratulations Maggie - our winner of the dog contest!


Maggie was found running the streets by a nice lady that breeds bunnie and rescue dogs. (We also got Bun Bun form her since Maggie loves bunnie)


There was a backyard breeders up the street that Maggie had escaped from. Due to the poor breeding, she does have some health issues, liver problems and she has a broken tail from abuse.


When we got her she had a fear of the world. With proper leadership she has done a complete 180 though she still has a few of the world. She is a joy in our home!


Our personal message would be to please make sure you are buying dogs from a good credible breeder if you plan to buy a dog.


Congratulations Bernie - our winner of the dog contest!


These German Shepard's are definitely beauty's!

Congratulations Jocelyn Hayes!!!



Shepherds don’t need to be bathed very as often as some other breeds, but they tend to shed in great quantities. Brush them daily, outside if possible. Bath them with our High Yield Shampoo and inish off with our Mat-Magic conditioning spray for a perfect coat!


JULY 2014

Congratulations Ahena - our winner of the dog contest!


Athena is very energetic and playful. She is half Rottweiler and half German Shepherd so she is smart and sassy with a side of goofiness. She loves the dog park and is very social. She loves wrestling with her little sister Dahlia. She loves to go swimming and play fetch.


She is 95 lbs but thinks she is still little. She loves playing with smaller dogs and tries to sit on our laps. She is a big bundle of joy in our family.



German Shepherds have been ranked 3rd in intelligence by AKC judges out of over 100 breeds. They are known for being protective, loyal, energetic and agile. German Shepherds are also prolific shedders, so daily brushing and our High Yield Shampoo are a must!


Rottweilers, also having origins in Germany, have been long known for their power, endurance, being loyal, confident and highly alert dogs. Rottweilers are very affectionate and slobber no less than Bulldogs. These dogs have been bred to guard and alert their owners. With their thick coats, our High Yield Shampoo can help keep your dog cool and your couch less furry!




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